SME and Private services

Mail Hosting – O365 & Gsuite

mail cloud

GSD offer comprehensive cloud email solutions. We will migrate your existing mail account and data to a fully hosted cloud solution and help you access your email on any device at any time. Your mail will be more accessible and easier to use with a lot less fuss.

Networking / Wi-Fi – design, security & support

NW wifiWe offer support of existing networks, design and implementation of new LAN and WAN infrastructure within the home or office. Our aim is to deliver cost effective and secure networking solutions to our customers that are reliable, stable and allow seamless access.

Hardware and Software – Sales & Support

supportThe GSD team have years of experience supplying and supporting end to end hardware and software solutions for all types of users. Our quoting and supply turnaround is unrivalled and we pride ourselves on providing the best equipment to suit the customers needs and budget.

Cloud Backup – Home PC’s and SME Networks

Cloud BU.pngAre you concerned about PC backups and what would happen if your PC was stolen or happened to crash? We can help out by offering a simple, automated cloud based backup solution for your home or business. We will make sure the backups run and in the event of something going wrong, we will make sure your data is restored safely.

Remote Monitoring and Software Patching

industry40Large corporates can afford preventative maintenance & system patching. We offer solutions that will allow SME & home users to ensure their systems are up to date and effectively monitored. This gives you peace of mind and the knowledge that in most cases we will rectify problems before they become serious issues.

Domain Registration and DNS hosting

domain dns.jpg

GSD technology and solutions offers a centrally managed Domain registration and DNS management service. If you need a web domain registered for business or family use, we will make sure it is the correct domain for your needs, that it is optimally configured and that it does not expire without warning.

SME Metrics and Business Dashboarding


We have developed a suite of integrated and easy to use dashboards for some of our existing SME customers. We will assist you in finding the metrics that make your business work and then find an easy to use method of dashboarding these. You can then manage the critical parts of your business dynamically and effectively.