The GSD Team

Justin Brooks – Head of IT Infrastructure and Operations


Respected as a superb technical resource and leader, Justin has 17+ years experience enhancing operations, business development and service delivery. He has managed teams through changes, new systems, upgrades and some challenging situations, by using his conflict resolution and analytical skills to solve problems and survive periods of change and innovative disruption.

Justin has a passion for identifying and meeting the career development requirements of new and existing employees to enable their full potential, resulting in a co-operative and positive environment to nurture projects through to completion and beyond.

At GSD, Justin is focused on enabling our partners, by providing the requisite IT skills and foresight, which will enable customers to drive their own businesses towards greater things in the future through delivery of critical systems and information where it is needed most.

Jonathan Spencer – CEO


Jonathan has a 25 year history in the sphere of technology and innovation. He has built and led teams of well rounded IT professionals operating in small tech start ups to large multinational companies. His focus is on enabling technology that makes a difference and innovation that delivers value to end users.

In his years as an IT leader, Jonathan has become skilled at translating the often confusing “executive technology strategy” into achievable, well executed solutions that become part of the fibre of successful organisations.

Companies that use GSD Technology and Solutions will see IT as an enabler and competitive advantage in their businesses. From a strategic, technical and solutions delivery perspective, we will ensure that our partners are involved, engaged and see their IT spend as a tangible and effective investment.